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NHSx Techforce19: the outcome for SureCert

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The NHSx Techforce19 pilot to support the elderly, vulnerable and self-isolating during COVID-19 recently came to a close after a 3-week testing phase. As one of the 18 innovators taking part in the challenge, SureCert’s aim was to provide a “matching and triaging” system capable of deploying volunteers to support specific needs of care homes, those being cared at home and to those vulnerable and isolated in the community.

SureCert Nasdaq


  1. Enable volunteer recruitment and matching
  2. Register 1,000 volunteers
  3. Match at least 600 volunteers
  4. Confirm 200 repeat volunteers
  5. Enable real-time data analytics
  6. Obtain feedback from all involved
  7. Create a long term scaling strategy


Working with Scottish Care, Care England and employer bodies, we aimed to deploy a volunteering and jobs platform for largely furloughed workers to support and work in the care sector across Northern Ireland, England and Scotland.

Scottish Care and Care England (2,000 providers) agreed to use SureCert to recruit, check and deploy volunteers. A platform was developed to include an appropriate matching system but concern was expressed about volunteers not having PPE and about the potential risk of infection to residents so we resorted to Plan B.

Plan B

SureCert began working with Community Calling and Citizen Space in Northern Ireland to focus on those isolated and vulnerable in the community. The approach was launched on 27th April and received widespread national coverage, supported by social media campaigns locally. was the focus of the campaigns and provided the pilot with approximately 700 volunteers and 70 community groups and organisations to support the objectives of the NHSx Techforce19 pilot.

The associated system facilitates volunteer recruitment, mapping, matching, communication, marketing and feedback as well as integrating identification and background checks (two levels – 1: Reference and identity check; and 2. Enhanced criminal record check). Activity was tracked and volunteers were deployed as requests came through the system. Volunteers supported individuals in the community and feedback was provided to ensure quality and safety.


In response to the earlier concerns in relation to PPE and the risk of infection in care homes, a donor came forward with over 5,000 PPE visors. 500 of which we provided to care homes in England, 600 in Northern Ireland and 4,000 were distributed by Scottish Care, Taranata Group and Social Good Connect in Scotland.


In order to test the platform, we had to step out of being a software platform for three weeks and provoke demand, which in turn gained its own momentum. Now, we are reaching out to groups who could deploy volunteers and spark their own demand for our platform and the benefits it has to offer.

If you are interested in how our solution could help your organisation to recruit, check, match and deploy volunteers or candidates, we invite you to test our software.

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