Fraud Prevention – Trust but Verify

Specialists in digital fraud prevention for the public sector

IDENTITY FRAUD – Automating public sector IT systems and ensuring secure digital identities with ‘SureCert’ ID verifications

DOCUMENT FRAUD – Detecting fraudulent ID documents and addressing critical inefficiencies with proprietary ‘Last Mile’ AI technology

CORPORATE FRAUD – Preventing improper allocation of public funding through comprehensive due diligence with the ‘SureScore’ solution

Covid Certificates
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SureCert Digital ID Verification

  • Access to government services
  • Citizen certification e.g. COVID
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Secure and reusable Digital ID

Last Mile Document Verification

  • Boosts auto success rates <98%
  • Mainstream e.g. driving licence
  • Edge cases e.g. birth certificate
  • Bespoke algorithm training

SureScore Corporate Due Diligence

  • Company status e.g. trading
  • Director status e.g. appointments
  • Financial status e.g. bankruptcy
  • Fraud flags and potential risks

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